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2009 Consumer Excellence Award Winners

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The EP800 plays louder than most live performances reaching an amazing 125 dB Sound Pressure Level! Don't worry about distortion - the Intelligent DSP won't allow it. Instead, it tightly controls the signals to the 800-watt power amplifier and two massive 12-inch aluminum drivers with dual 3-inch voice coils to provide you with peak performance, never going over the edge into distortion. Crank it up - XLF makes the EP800 virtually unbreakable! With a 13Hz extension, you won't miss any LFE effects. Available in upright configuration or a convenient horizontal configuration that is perfect for under screens or behind couches. If you want the ultimate in pure, subterranean bass, the Epicenter EP800 Intelligent DSP Subwoofer delivers. It's built to last with a 5 year manufacturers warranty to back it up.

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