The good news is they're both v3 EP800s. I like the magnetic grills a lot. As in, I like that when they're off, there are no post holes. Not that it matters, since I'm trying them at the side mid-walls facing each other, so the holes aren't going to be apparent. I'm not going to do any tweaking tonight. I simply calibrated and called it good enough. They're all working. The bad news is that one corner edge of one of the new EP800s was slightly messed up, to where the vinyl may want to start peeling off if it encounters any rough handling down the line. As it is, it just looks slightly imperfect at that corner. It's not going to be worth the hassle of returning it.

I doubt I'll notice a performance difference, especially in the current room, but at least I have the flexibility to try a number of configurations when my system is in the basement. Anyway, that's what's going on with me.