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Fun (and frustrating) story, but unfortunately all too common. The "shootout" should be interesting, unless you can talk him out of the purchase...there's still time, don't give up!

You know, when he hears the difference I'll mention the M22's, but I'm sort of doubting it'll make him run out and order some. He's more of a BB store kinda guy, for what ever reaseon. So perhaps I'll just sit back and see what he says. If he seems ok with the way the Bose stack up against my Epic 80/800 for the money, then perhaps I'll just go along with it as well and tell him he got himself a good system.

Like Grunt said, who am I to push Axiom on him. If Bose blows his hair back, then more power too him I suppose. I suppose in the big picture I coulda saved about $3600 bucks if Ida just thought two little speakers were 'all that and a bag of chips'! ;\)

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