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I never knew people felt about Apple the way so many people feel about Bose. Must be because I've never researched that kind of stuff (the only thing by Apple I own is an Ipod). I suppose I never knew about the feeling many have toward Bose until I started learning about home theater and visiting helpful sites such as the Axiom site.

While your observation about Bose is correct I would offer some context. IMO Bose it the Omega Wolf of the audio community. It’s the one everyone else can pick on to feel good about themselves while avoiding fighting with each other while posturing for dominance.

Bose serves a portion of the market that just wants something that works simply out of the box and sounds good to them w/o caring what a bunch of self proclaimed “audiophiles” like say us ;\) might think of them.

Sure Bose isn’t high fidelity but that doesn’t mean it’s won’t sound good to people w/o an “untrained” ear. I bring this up because even Axiom has to “train” it’s listening testers on what to listen for when evaluating and comparing it’s speakers because most people seem to prefer rolled off highs and a slightly elevated midrange. So to the untrained ear Bose may sound just fine especially considering most people buy them aren’t likely going to the lengths of most internet audio forum junkies in setting up their systems, but would rather have something that integrates better into say an existing living room.

My problem with apple has always been it’s proprietary nature. When shopping for my first pre-built computer apple was the “best.” Since I wanted it for word processing (so I could spell check papers) and playing games the PC won easily because it had 50 games I wanted to play vs apple’s 5. Since then I’ve never been in the market for one of their products though I must get off my luddite butt and get a portable player eventually. Hopefully there previous proprietary nature has waned to put them back in the running.

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