Credit where Credit is due.

My wife took over my old 5MB Creative Zen. A wonderful little MP3 player if you could get used to the finicky touch pad. At the time, the replaceable battery was a check mark on my shopping comparison list although I actually expected that by the time the battery went bad, I'd probably just want another one.

Well, I did buy another couple more since then but the battery lived on. Until last month when my wife took it home from work and said it won't charge anymore. Just for fun, I dug up the papers my wife religiously files away for me cause I'd lose them and emailed the support address to see if a battery was even available anymore. I said I would provide a VISA number if the price was reasonable and they gave me a number to call.

6 days later, after giving up and showing her how to use my old Zune, I got a 1 liner email response. "You send address, please." Just for fun I did and about 2 weeks later, I had a new battery from a company in California that I have never heard of before.

At the time, Creative was playing the "Our battery is replaceable" card pretty heavy, but I didn't actually expect to ever get one replaced. Kudos to them!

With great power comes Awesome irresponsibility.