I feel kind of weird talking about her by name when she doesn't participate on the forums. I should really be less specific and just say that Axiom could use help with that part of the process.

Even if she was on vacation, which is none of our business, it's not really something that should be used as an excuse for why a company isn't executing. The customer shouldn't have to hound who they purchased from about the status of their order. I try to be an understanding customer, but it seems like I'm being expected to be understanding more than I should have to.

Because I finally got a response, and they haven't shipped my subs yet. Originally, I was told that they were scheduled to be shipped on the day of my final payment, which should have been Monday, only I paid it early--last Friday--and that's when I got the purchase receipt saying that I would be getting another email with my tracking information very shortly. That's a fuzzy timeframe, but I was expecting they would at least get them out on Monday, which is when they were originally going to be ready to go. No such luck, and now they're "pushing" to have them ready to go this coming Monday, but no guarantee. I can only imagine how much stuff they're having to deal with after the launch of v3, and this is why I'm trying to continue to be understanding, but at the same time, I'd like to suggest that they use the opportunity to fine-tune their processes.

I like recommending Axiom to people because they've always stood behind their product, but I would have a hard time explaining the need to chase down information on their orders only to find out there was an unforeseen delay.