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Dude, you're in the SCA? We keep meaning to get back into it.

Lemme guess, you're a figher. ;\)

And loved every minute of it. Well there was that one shot in the solar plexus, and that other one to the kidney, and the time my helmet got ripped clean off . . . .Yep I loved it. \:\)

I’m not in the SCA anymore. Did it mainly when I attended Oregon State University. I liked the group we had there but every time I’ve moved somewhere else it just wasn’t the same so I haven’t rejoined.

Our group up there was pretty egalitarian. Everyone had to participate in formation fighting and some form of archery or skirmishing both things other groups seemed to frown upon at least at the time (late 70s) because they were not “Ka-nig-it-ly.” Also, no weapons were off limits when we fought each other which was fun.

I was also an avid (no fanatical) RPGer so I also participated in live action stuff down in the heating tunnels between the Dorms. The “Wizards” spells were coloured tennis balls, so I showed up one day with a tennis ball cannon claiming it was my staff. They told me to go back to being a fighter.

I gave away my plate armour but still have the chainmail boxed up in the attic. I couldn’t part with that as it took way to long to make. Though I should make a new set I did sort of make the weave to tight so it’s heavy as hell. It also got a little rusty after a big D&D argument over the difficulty of a “saving throw” to avoid drowning if you fell in the water in full armour. I didn’t drown. ;\)

I would love to get back into it but I’d have to find the right group of people and have more time to devote to it since I can get pretty caught up in that sort of stuff.

What did you and I’ll assume “we” refers to your wife do? When? Where?

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