Dr. House, does this particular episode not bother you at all? I think a statement from the President of Audioholics as follows is odd and, frankly, troubling: "If Axiom and others aren't happy with us picking their subwoofer for the award, we can very easily retract it if that makes everyone feel better." So, what was supposed to be an award based on some sort of facts and analysis will be changed because some people are not "happy?" To me, that says a lot, indicates that the analysis is in fact hardly neutral, and frankly comes off as childish. As I mentioned in my note above, I also think the way they apparently changed the article after reading comments on this board is problematic.

Frankly, I have no opinion at all about Audioholics in a now vs. then context. I in fact have very little opinion of Audioholics at all. However, I think this particular article and their response reflects poorly on them.