Hey Gene don't sweat it, we're all deserving of criticism from time to time, it's what keeps us on our toes.

I noticed it as soon as I saw the quote Grunt threw up on here, I thought, "wow, looks like a cut and paste job from the EP800 product page"... then when I clicked on the link it said, "according to Axiom".... and then the quote began. I don't know if that's what it originally said, or if you went back and edited it, but those three words were sufficient to inform the reader that this was not in fact a review by you, but Axiom's opinion. And that's good enough for me.

I read a TON of motorcycle magazine's, and when an edition comes out with a new bike that they haven't had time to test themselves they will often times quote the press release from the manufacturer... but they let you know that, and they say, "we'll have a full review next issue" or some such acknowledgement that these are not necessarily their opinions of the bike. And that's all we ask for. Certainly with all the new products that come out every year, there's no way an e-zine like yours can review all of them. And just because you weren't able to review a certain product I don't feel should exclude it from any awards it might deserve.

But understand we just went through a big thread about this sort of "lazy journalism" a week or so ago. So right now we're all very hip to it, and that sort of stuck out like a sore thumb... I agree, it looked like that very thing to me when I read it as well. And you have to understand here in the Axiom community we don't lambast others for such a thing and look the other way if it's an Axiom product. No no, Axiom is held to even higher standards than their competition around here. There aren't many bigots around this forum.

A product forum that keeps it's own product in check... now that's refreshing, eh? ;\)

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