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As the designated tech assistant in my extended family, I, for one, can't wait until the iPad catches on and I don't have to help people with the same old problems again -- e.g. upgrading software or the operating system, weeding out useless leech apps that slow down a computer, removing malware, etc.

The people that are mocking the iPad have no idea how wrong, conceptually, they are. Although I would never get one now (early adopting is for the rich and frivolous), mark my words, this thing is going to be huge for the regular masses everyday 'puter use.

So buying Apple stock is still a good investment!

And I really have to pimp the Mini Mac. Impressive for the price. If you are in the market for a bitching new machine (I'm talking to you Grunt!) or if someone is looking to get their first computer, like steering someone to Axiom, a Mini Mac is the way to go. Fast, reliable and loaded with useful software. And I simply cannot rave more about Snow Leopard. Just add your own monitor, keyboard and mouse and the Mini Mac makes it's on sauce.

I will stop fanboy proselytizing now...

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