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One thing that I get a kick out of observing in this forum is topic derailment. Although in hindsight I should have I didn’t in fact see the train wreck starting this thread would cause nor the journey it’s taking.

What was Audioholics thinking?? = I hate Apple 'cause they're like Bose.

How could you miss that one Dean?

Bose and Apple may be similar in the marketing area, but Apple remains a more Innovative company that continues to deliver [overpriced] value.

By the way, in blind testing, the unwashed/untrained masses would also not like Bose. Its not that Bose has never made a good product, but they are few and far between. The last better than average speaker they made was the 901/903. Applying horn loading to an alarm radio was pretty clever too. The training that Floyde developed for blind testing is more of an efficiency thing: to help people be able to describe what they are hearing.


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