I never knew people felt about Apple the way so many people feel about Bose. Must be because I've never researched that kind of stuff (the only thing by Apple I own is an Ipod). I suppose I never knew about the feeling many have toward Bose until I started learning about home theater and visiting helpful sites such as the Axiom site.

With regard to the original discussion, it really should be beyond debate that, unless it is 100 percent clear, marketing materials should not be used or quoted in an article or review without making that clear. Here, I think the audioholics site dropped the ball on that front. Perhaps many people would have known that is what was happening, but I think many of us trying to research and learn about different products would not necessarily have realized that. Even someone who was being thorough and read the criteria for judging may not have understood that they were reading marketing materials:

"Each product submission will be carefully examined by four members of the Audioholics staff who will individually select three top products from each subcategory, ranked from 1-3. These selections will then be compared publicly to arrive at a consensus on the award-winning products. Criteria for winning submissions include:

Advanced audio and video technologies pushing the CE market - product and technology innovation
Uniqueness in CE market
Time or money-saving features, including ease of use
Value for end-user and/or custom installer"

One can reasonably assume that evaluating "time or money-saving features" and "value for end-user" requires some testing of the equipment beyond reading marketing materials. It is one thing if I am on a site to buy the item--I expect marketing material. That was not the case here. In my view, this bordered on plagiarism.