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Hey, you guys don't have a problem with Apple/Apple User bashing, feel free to keep reading. I'm not going to. It's that simple.

It's funny, most people that bash Apple do not own or use their products.

And are certainly not working with them in a professional capacity!

I will never understand why anyone would suffer the aesthetically ugly and utterly confusing/poor performance/buggy virus ridden indignity of the Windows os, but that's just my, admittedly biased, opinion.

Unless you like geeking out and building computers that is... \:\)

Myself, and other professionals in the audio/visual arts mostly use Macs. And get stuff done. Quickly and elegantly.

Windoze machines are business tools. Macs are paint brushes. Yes that sounds snobby and elitist, but it's true.

Having said that, they are way too expensive!

Like our two-party political system here in America, I look forward someday to a viable alternative to the Mac/Windows os domination, but until someone can come up with an easier, high quality way to mix audio in surround or edit high definition video with ease and power without third party hardware/software conflicts (see crappy pc firewire implementation), then I'm sticking with Apple.

But yeah, Axiom deserves all the awards it gets!!! Lol!

"Art is making something out of nothing and selling it."
---Frank Zappa