I’m glad I found and started reading Audioholics before ever hearing about Axiom and coming here or I probably would have crossed Axiom off my list. Not only did I find there “recommended systems” helpful in general (understanding they were subjective) but first discovered Axiom speakers in one of them. Can’t remember which $ range (probably have changed by now) but Axiom was suggested in that range if you wanted a better sound based system than the standard recommendations. Had I read these sorts of opinions about Audioholics here and certainly discounted their opinion which was one of the things that helped overcome all the negative comments about Axiom I was reading (with a grain of salt as many were over the top) over at AVS.

All people and all groups of people have biases. The only two ways I know of to deal with that is shut out those whose biases you don’t like and narrow your sources of information or to seek out as many (even if biased) opinions to try and find some semblance of a middle ground. Almost everyone is to short on time, lazy or already to closed-minded to do the latter (that’s a general statement and not pointed at anyone so don’t anyone get their undies in a bundle).

There is a huge wealth of information available at AVS if you can sift through the macho-BS crap of so many of the posters, so I read a lot at AVS despite the BS. I’ve always thought that Audioholics treated Emotiva like it’s little darling so when judging that company I look for other sources to balance the equation. I don’t simply stop reading Audoholics as I find it’s higher degree of focus on internet brands helpful since a lot of other sites tend to prioritize (are biased toward reviewing) B&M brands.

One thing I like about Audioholics is that so many different camps complain about it is an indication they might be getting something right. Many of their articles inject much more “colourful” comments than may be typical of “normal” reviewers but I find this both refreshing and revealing. It makes their reviews more enjoyable to read and lets me know what more about their biases (the way a good historian does in a books forward) so I can read their reviews with their biases in mind. Since everyone is biased I’d rather know those biases up front and adjust for them than to have to “read-between-the-lines” as so many recommend when reading audio equipment reviews to figure out what the reviewer is really trying to tell you.

Also, as the good Doctor has eluded to just because someone is biased doesn’t mean they can‘t have valid criticisms. I happen to think both Al Franken and Rush Limbaugh are A$$s but that doesn’t mean both don’t sometimes express valid opinions about the other side.

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