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Perhaps you misunderstood my context but I believe I used the word correctly Cam as I consider internet surfing, emailing etc . . . as “practical” and “ordinary” as opposed to the computer uses being discussed by audiosavant and the corresponding advantages of using Apple/Mac over a budget PC.

Cam when I use the word “mundane” the context is almost always the same as when we used it in the SCA. To describe the “real” or as we would say “mundane” world in contrast to the fantasy world of knights in armour. While one could also construe that to mean the “boring” world that would be understanding our use of the word in that context incorrectly.

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Deanster, I knew the context in which you were using it, I just didn't know if you knew the "proper" meaning.

late 15c., from M.Fr. mondain (12c.), from L. mundanus "belonging to the world" (as distinct from the Church), from mundus "universe, world," lit. "clean, elegant"; used as a transl. of Gk. khosmos (see cosmos) in its Pythagorean sense of "the physical universe" (the original sense of the Gk. word was "orderly arrangement"). L. mundus also was used of a woman's "ornaments, dress," and is related to the adj. mundus "clean, elegant" (used of women's dress, etc.). Related: Mundanity.


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The only reasonable argument for owning a gun is to protect yourself from the police.