I've often wondered how Blackberry managed to stay below everyone's radar, and off of the wanna be hit lists. After all, when you look at the usual pundits... Apple, Bose, Monster Cable, MicroSoft... They are all heavy weights in their field, thus everyone takes a jab at them (bigger you are, the easier the target). But for the most part, even though Blackberry dominates the smart phone market, most people (even iPhone users) don't bag on Blackberry very much.

Not that I mind at all, since I've used Blackberry's for years now, I just never understood how I got away with it for so long. I really thought once Blackberry made the mistake of taking on the iPhone head on with the Storm, and lost miserably (too thick, too slow & no improvements over the iPhone if that's your thing) that they would receive a lashing. But nothing really became of it. Blackberry users continued to be Blackberry users, iPhone users continued to be iPhone users almost as if the showdown never even happened.

Which in today's day and age is just a little bit... odd?

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