I'm with Dean as usual \:\) -Pavlov's dog syndrome.

Since Apple has been brought up, I thought I would mention a recent phone call I had with a good friend.

He gave me a call a couple weeks ago (I virtually never talk to him on the phone) and I answered the phone and said "hey man what's new", and his reply verbatim was "not much, just calling you from my new iphone".

As mentioned in the past, I can't stand anything Apple because people usually by the products for the image; it's huge. I'm not applying this to you Ken, you're obviously educated and mature, but you are easily the minority.

Sure they make great products, sure it's brilliant advertising on their part and ultimately the end user who buys the product for whatever reason. It just drives me nuts when I hear stuff like this.

The only reasonable argument for owning a gun is to protect yourself from the police.