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Is the battery replacable or is the iPad a disposable product?

Apple uses integrated batteries on their iPhone and all their portable Macs (MacBooks and MacBook Pros), none of which can be fairly classified as disposable. Look, I understand your criticisms -- they are fair -- but I can't help but notice some of that irrational tone I was referring to earlier.

It's easy to see that the iPad, in its current state, is definitely NOT a replacement for a full computer, especially for those who are actually good at using computers. What sets the iPad apart is that you don't need years of practice operating a computer in order to take advantage of its potential. I bed I could set one down in front of my grandmother, who has never used a personal computer, and she'd be able to figure out how to use it after a few short lessons.

Not sure what I said that came off as irrational, but sorry if I offended you. I'm not critical of a product just because of its name, I could care less who makes the iPad. I'd have the same complaints if it were made by Toshiba, IBM, HP, or anyone else.

If I can't change the battery then the product (cell phone, notebook, iPad, whatever) is only good *to me* until the battery no longer holds a decent charge. That is what I meant by disposable, and I would say the same for any other wireless product in general. I'm not getting it so that I can use it plugged into the wall afterall.