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What was Audioholics thinking?? = I hate Apple 'cause they're like Bose.

How could you miss that one Dean?

I’m not getting you here Fred? The Bose issue came up in relation to RayLewis’ comment not Audioholics. My topic derailment/train wreck comment is in reference to the those who don‘t like Audioholics and that I should have seen their consternation coming, it had just been awhile since the topic had come up so I forgot that some people really don’t like them. This forum’s reaction to some things does often make us the butt of jokes (well deserved IMO (though often exaggerated) in other venues).

Again the Bose vs Apple comparions was RayLewis’ and not that he or I were comparing Bose and Apple in any way but rather the reactions of some people to those companies.

I never said that Bose would win a blind test with any other brand but since I haven’t seen any posted recently I wouldn’t make a statement that they wouldn’t win to non-”audiophile” ears. Nor is blind testing relevant to my comment that non-“audiophiles” who hear Bose might think they sounded good. A system can sound good to someone w/o necessarily being “good” or sounding good to everyone. My first surround sound speakers were an old boom-box hooked up to analogue outs on my Oppo 981 and it sounded great compared to not having surround speakers. It wasn’t until I got my QS8 that I realized how great it hadn’t sounded.

Some think that Axiom speakers sound like crap, I happen to disagree, but understand their take as I’ve had to cover my ears as a sibilant passage in a recording came screeching out of my M80s. But unlike them rather than blaming the speakers by default I plugged in my Sennheiser 600s and verified they also reproduced the discomfort. But still to someone with a plethora of bad recordings the Axioms do in fact sound like crap to them compared to some other brands.

I figured someone would bring up a Bose/Monster comparison. While comparisons can be drawn between anything I see them as very different “Monsters” mostly due to the litigation issues. That almost everything in home audio is generally over priced including IMO Axiom cables (just go to BlueJeans or Lowe’s) is a slim basis for comparison. As for over hipping SQ in relation to speaker design marketing, there are many who make that claim of Axiom’s speaker designs. So IMO comparisons like these are all relative and choosing where to draw the line for comparison is arbitrary. Micah my 10 meter HDMI cables cost $49, you’re way overpaying. ;\) Even speakers including Axiom’s are overpriced if you’re willing to go the DIY route or just wait and get a discount.

Micah, thank you for making my point (and I don’t mean that sarcastically) that to the untrained ear Bose speakers can sound good or “fantastic” as you related. People at work know I have a “great” HT system and will often proudly come up and exclaim they just got some system or another from BB or another B&M store. I usually say something like that they make a good product and leave them happy with their purchase they are so proud of. To paraphrase if it sounds good (to them) it is good. I don’t find I’m being helpful donning my cape and rushing in to tell them how they “wasted” there money. Let them be happy since they will likely never no anything different. BTW I paid $7,200 for my brand new sedan (which does just about anything any other sedan does) 4 years ago does that mean people who paid 2, 3, 4 or more times the price got ripped off by marketing hype?

I’ve also had several people come up and ask my advice about systems to get and watched their eyes glaze over as I tried to explain some of the most basic HT concepts. So now I just usually say something like that pretty much any well know brand name company is going to sound good and unless they want to put some time into researching it themselves not to sweat it.

I think many of us in these forum, me included, can get way to caught up in our own opinions of all things audio. Not everyone views, nor wants to view the audio world with our level of obsession so I think it’s easy to take ourselves (opinions) to seriously. I’d rather step into someone else’s shoes and help them find what they want and not find what I want them to want.

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