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my 9 yr old imac at work sucks. of course, a 9 yr old PC would be completely worthless.

it's becoming obvious to me that computers are disposable/consumable items that should be had at lowest possible cost. the computer of your dreams, unlike the speakers/motorcycle/girl of your dreams won't be able to stay that way for long.

True. It's often said about the high end Power Macs that the one you want for professional work are usually going to cost around $4000.00. And I have always gotten at least 5 years of heavy use with their gear.

Also, I have always recouped my investment in Apple products within the first 6 months of owning them because they provide hassle free performance in a busy studio environment where you have to work fast and produce results for paying clients. If I was in a session and I had to constantly stop it to figure out some buggy OS issue, the clients would go elsewhere.

I believe that Apple's recent success is solely based on their consumer level products (iPod, iPhone etc.) not their high end stuff. If it wasn't for the hugely successful iPods/iTunes, Apple would probably not be in such a healthy and dominate position.

I mean, 10 billionth iTunes download? Get tha fruck outta here!!! That's some serious money. It's probably the only bright spot for us content providers who rely on monies made from music production. Apple has stepped up and seized an opportunity that record companies were too short sighted and stupid to take advantage of. Apple has created the model that has taken us into 21st century music distribution.

I just wished that I could have invested heavily in Apple stock way back in the '80s when everyone had written them off. Sigh.

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