Wow tough critics here. Its apparent most of the critics haven’t read our criteria for this type of award. It's not based on us reviewing the gear. No we haven't yet reviewed the EP800 but I did get a chance to hear it at my last On-Location tour and I liked what I heard.

The Audioholics Consumer Excellence award is based on manufacturers submitting their entries and my review staff reviewing the submitted entries and comparing products of each genre with respect to features, value and product purpose. EHX, CEDIA, CNET and many other magazines/organizations do the very exact thing only they aren’t as upfront about it as we are.

We do have a Product of the Year award as well which is based on staff picks of what we felt were the best products we reviewed that particular year.

As for Alan's comments about us being lazy lifting his text, perhaps you should blame Peter Bell or Ian for providing us the product summaries and details during the entry process which we used to post the winners for.

If Axiom and others aren't happy with us picking their subwoofer for the award, we can very easily retract it if that makes everyone feel better.

Gene DellaSala

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