Indeed, which is why I thought it was a HUGE mistake to unleash the Storm, expecially if it wasn't competetive with the iPhone, which it really wasn't. There was a huge market to capture (all those who owned iPhones because they were the 'IT' phone, and not because they were Apple lovers), but they didn't sway anyone over because not only was it not as good as the iPhone, it wasn't even as good as most other Blackberrys.

I would have thought they would have scrapped it instead of launching a failure, since it made them look desperate not to fall behind to the iPhone. But Apple made the mistake of restricting themselves to AT&T, so Blackberry was never in jeopardy of falling behind really anyway. So why even bother? I've never thought most Blackberry users to be people particularly worried about having the 'IT' phone, just a good working business tool, which most Blackberry's (besides the Storm) are.

To me it seemed like a big mistake, but nobody really seemed to notice.

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