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I'm regretting that I bought a Denon.

Intesting...I have a Pioneer and a Denon and much prefer the Denon, I find the Audyssey much better for equalizing the whole room than the MCACC. How are you running all those front speakers? Maybe it is affecting the room correction somehow?

Working fine now that I only calibrate with 1 mic position. When I use all 6 positions, I lose all my bass and the highs are too bright. One thing I read is to put the mic positions closer together because this can happen when the outer mic positions go outside of your best tweeter range. Although I wasn't out by much, it might of affected it. So there again the single position seems best overall. This is the same that MCACC uses. Sound's much better this way. It is a little bass heavy, but in a good way, but I prefer that to no bass.

My mains are probably too close together for the Audyssey 6 mic position calibration. Pic on next page.

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