After living with the QS8 surround speakers in a 5.1 setup, only with the QS8's in the Wide position instead of the Surround position, I can officially say I am underwhelmed. Not due to the speakers, but due to the position of the speakers.

I would say it's marginally better with them there than without them there. If I sit in my old seating position of right in front of the tv, only about 7-8 feet back, I get the best use of the surrounds. That places them halfway between me and the TV.

But if I just sit somewhere on the L shaped sectional, it's a very rare thing when I actually notice anything coming out of them. I have turned the volume on them up 1 db. to help overcome this a bit. It does help in some situations to give me a wider sound stage. With concerts, mostly all I notice are applauding and shouting coming from them.

Now I'm waiting on the shipment of my 3rd QS8 speaker that's white and going on the back wall. The 10 business day wait puts the proposed ship date on Monday the 14th. My anticipation is this single speaker to complete my 6.1 setup is probably going to make the biggest surround difference.

Edit: I don't know if the original on-wall M22's will fit on the new clips for the QS8's or not. But I'd kind of like to try one of my M22's on the back wall instead of the QS8, just to see what I think about it.

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