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Gorgeous car, Mike. One thought I had was that with all the money you put into tuning it, did you ever consider the tires. As you mentioned, below about 40 degrees those summer tires get a bit greasy. Tires that fit the front and are a bit narrower for the back, such as the Continental Extreme Contact DWSs, could extend your safe driving temperatures quite a bit(not heavy snow, of course)and give up very little in warm weather cornering.

Thanks John, Iím pretty partial to the looks of the car myself. Iím still in disbelief when I look at it in my garage. Iím also still wondering why in hell I bought it. Itís certainly the most impractical thing Iíve ever bought by a long shot.

Finding Z rated tires for this thing is a point of contention. Iíve been looking, as I know Iíll need some before long. I want to go with a run flat, as the car does not have a spare. The Z06 forum guys tend to like PS2ís and Bridgestoneís, but most of the guys BSíing on the forums live somewhere warm. Iíll check out the tires you mention. I need 275/30/19 and 335/30/19ís. 345 will fit as well. 325 are also an option, but probably not quite wide enough for acceleration traction. I was spinning shifting into second at 5000 rpms / 50 mph and redline is 7000. I spun a bit shifting into third too, but wonít mention the speed. It definitely got my attention to say the least. Hopefully, they will not spin as easily with warmer temps.