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Very nice. It must be so nice to be able to walk behind all of your equipment any time you like.

Absolutely! The reason I did it this way is because in my old house my HT was in the basement. And the wall the tv was against had a storage area behind it. Well when I bought my 65 inch rear projection I had the choice of buying a HT cabinet and putting it up like everyone else was doing, or doing something different. I opted to build a cabinet on my own, cut a hole in the wall over top of the tv, and put all the electronics in it. This saved me a ton of money, and ultimately turned out to be 100 times better than having to mess with all the connections in a traditional HT cabinet... pulling it out from the wall, or trying to squeeze yourself behind it everytime you need to make an ajustment. I would simply walk around to the storage area, and mess with the connections from the back.

I fell in love with the ability to do this that when I moved in with Amy and we decided to turn her livingroom into a sales/HT room, I wanted to have the same set-up. The closet was the only way to achieve this. And to be honest, when I first ran it past her I think she thought I was crazy! It really did sound a little odd to engineer a room to take space out of it and cause all those different angles. But she was a trooper and gave me creative control, and she is very pleased with the results.
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