Ok snag #1 (uuuugggg), the volume control knob on the EP800 seems to have broken off somehow? I really don't understand how it could have happened unless it was during packing? Because the boxs were in great shape, & they were double boxed, well wrapped, etc... But when I opened the box, flipped it upside down & pulled it up, a little gold knob came rolling out! \:\(

At first I thought maybe they ship then unattatched so they wouldn't get broken off during packing/unpacking & shipping. But after closer inspection it seems to have been sheared off at some point. All the other knobs & switches are fine, its just the volume.

Which is no biggie, I can cut a little slit in the broken off piece, & turn it with a screwdriver no problem. It just detracts from the whole, "everythings brand new & perfect" feeling you get, ya know?

Guess I need to get them to send me a 'new' new knob now! :P

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