(bury's face in hands)...

Well, it's still there. \:\(

Installed the second new woofer, played it all day long (played it fairly low for the first few hours. Second few hours turned it up to about -20, then I started to push it a bit harder) with music, sounded great. After putting a good 7 hours of playing time on it, I gave it a break. Then I put in 'Iron Man' (my reference LFE DVD) and started to play the cave scene... the crackling sound is still there, and I might add, it actually sounds a bit worse with the new driver... WTF??????

Ok, time for the phase test. Could they have sent this big guy to me with the speakers out of phase??? It seems highly unlikely, the bigger question in my mind is, are they both playing, or is there a bad connection allowing only one to play? The single driven cone would move the undriven cone with the moving air inside the box, creating the appearance of two drivers running out of phase.

I shall conduct the test immediatelly. If they are indeed out of phase I will be shocked. If only one driver is being pushed, then I think it's time to box this guy up and ship it back to be replaced with a new unit. I think I've exhausted my ability to troubleshoot the problem. Time to see if another unit exhibits the same 'popping' sound as mine does. I would love it if SRoode would make his way east to check this out with me. Perhaps bring one of his 800's along to see if I can get his to do the same thing, or if his would just blow mine away!!!

That would be interesting!
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