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I was reading that an "inactive" man should target 13 calories per pound of weight to maintain where they are at. An "active" man should target 15 calories per pound. Now, I know that those are just estimates, but it is interesting to see how much someone can actually eat an not gain weight. Of course this assumes they aren't eating a ton of salt or other water retaining substance, and probably dozens of other factors, but it is interesting.

I am 6'1", and according to the BMI thing, I should weigh between 144-189. Holy crap! I've got a ways to go. I weigh 30 pounds more than a guy that I work with who is 10 years younger than me, but he looks in worse shape than I do.

Well, time for some good breakfast and more water...

I fall under the same BMI index as you and I haven't weighed less than 189 since I was 16yrs old. BMI is only a guide and if you are a larger frame you can usually add 10-20 lbs to the index and still be healthy. The bigger concern is percentage of fat, I would shoot for less than 20%, ideally around 10%, lowest I have been was 208 and 8% while I was playing football about 17years of age till I was 22 when I gave up the football career at 217. My best was at 40years of age and 207lb and 11% BF a couple of years ago and I am now back up to 235lbs and I haven't bothered checking my BF as I know it is way too high\:\(.

I use a Tanita BF bathroom scale now and it has been checked to be with in 2% of BF when used correctly. I would highly recommend anyone seriously trying to loose weight to get one as it helps you realize that the weight gains are either muscle or fat.