Hyundai has built a Sonata station wagon that they're displaying at some of the car shows. It's not known yet whether it'll make production for North America, but they'd be crazy not to sell it here.

Drove a $61K '11 Yukon for a couple of days, this was the 5.3L/6-speeder, fully loaded, leather, sunroof, blah, blah, blah. Nice riding vehicle but it was the shorter wb version which was noticeable on the highway compared to my '10 Sierra (I'm sure the longer wb Yukon would ride better on the hiway). These 6spds don't seem to work as well with a gas engine from my limited experience with the Yukon(vs my 6spd/Duramax). It never seemed to be in the right gear wherever I was driving, as if you needed to kick it down to a lower gear to wake the engine up. I guess they're trying to squeeze all the mileage they can out of it, and the tranny is set-up as such. All in all, I don't think it was anymore economical than my diesel and imo, not worth 61K(maybe 40-45K).
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