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I think Infiniti makes some pretty killer cars.

The new Dodge Durango is pretty nice, as well as the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. They both have a strong Mercedes Benz influence.

I'm pretty sure my next car is going to be an Infiniti G35/G37 convertible. Somewhere, Ray3 is waking up at the mention of his beloved Infiniti. For now, though, my 2001 Maxima refuses to give up the ghost, so I'm happily enjoying it and the BOSE audio, ha.

My Mom has had two Durangos and has been a Dodge person ever since she got a Coachmen-modified van new in 1975 that we used for camping and vacations all through my childhood.

I was wondering about the new Durango, which they billed as autobahn-tuned, etc from their brief marriage to Benz. Mom's latest is still the previous generation.
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