Good thread,

I just got home from the gym and had my Whey shake and a can of tuna for lunch. 6 months ago my wife and I decided to get back into the whole fitness thing, we both pretty much relaxed on it for around 6 years until both boys were in school, I've lifted weights or taken Martial arts most my adult life so other than finally quitting smoking its been an easy transition. I'm 6'0" 179 pounds so my goal is just to maintain my weight while cutting up.
The difficult part for us is finding healthy meals that are enjoyable for the whole family, and keeping to one glass of wine at night. Turkey Chili has become one of our big family favorites.
As was mentioned to be successful it has to be viewed as a lifestyle rather than a diet. Sure, when we are on vacation we will do some splurging on meals and drinks but that's an exception. I haven't felt better in years and watching my wife at the beach trying on new bikinis over Easter made it that much better. \:\)
A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.