Sleep? If I get five hours, Iím doing good. Itís usually four or less.


My girlfriend has been cooking dinners from Cooking Light magazine. She just picks the meals out that have a fat content of less than 30%. I drink a protein shake before bed to make up for any lack there may be with those meals. Iíve been very impressed with how good some of the recipes are in that magazine.

Glad to hear you kicked the smoking habit. I kicked chewing tobacco last year after going through a can ever two or three days for the past thirty years or so. What a bitch itís been to not cave. I made a deal with my girlfriendís sister who got in a bad car accident. She broke her neck and was paralyzed from the neck down. I made a deal that if she could shake my hand, Iíd quit. Four months later she shook my hand. Sheís walking on her own now. Sheíll probably be running marathons again in another year, knowing her.


Thatís why I say itís a way of life and not a program. Iím in my 40ís now and I can feel the effect. I donít recover as fast anymore and I canít lift near as much or run as fast, but I still give it a hell of go. I have no choice to keep it up or start sporting a set of moobs. Plus, when Iím out of shape, I feel horrible and my demeanor turns horrible for anyone around me. If my cloths donít fit, Iím uncomfortable and I just feel like crap all around. The downside is itís a down right pain in the ass to find cloths that fit. I canít imagine how hard it must be for the pro body buildersÖ.