I love fruits but I usually wont take the time to peel and orange or chew on an apple so I usually toss them into the blender with my protein shakes. Veggies we try to eat a serving with every meal.

Many of you have taken coffee out of your diets and that's not necessarily a good thing, coffee and tea are great antioxidants as well as stimulants to help kick your metabolism into fat burning mode, I drink a max of 2 cups a day of either and it has really helped me on those hard start days.

We had a great meal last night, I love BLT's so we subsitituted bacon with Turkey bacon (50% of the fat) low fat miracle whip, lettuce, avocado ( if your going to eat fat avocado is one of the best sources) tomato, jalapeno rings, low fat provolone cheese on toasted 1 gram of fat whole wheat bread.
Absolutely delicious, as a side we had a can of Campbell's Tomato soup with some extra oregano and pepper mixed in. The whole family loved it and it's not a gut buster.
A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.