oldskool: I've never heard of 'Paleo' but it does look similar to what diabetics should follow. I too am not a fanatic about counting carbs & I really don't care about calories. Occasionally I indulge in desserts, etc & treats like ice cream cones/bars generally have little effect on me. Interestingly, straight sugar doesn't bother me much unless it is in a ridiculously large dose as in a standard soda - average 40 gms per can. Diet soda is 0 grams. I use 'Splenda' as a sweetener for coffee, etc.

Amie: Have you tried 'hemp hearts'? They are a product of Manitoba & I get them at Costco for $14 a bag - pricey but they are very dense & go a long, long way. They are mostly protein & effectively no carbs. I sprinkle some on my low carb cereal for enhanced protein to carb ratio & add them to my 'Spelt Flour' bread that I bake in my breadmaker. I have a great bread recipe if anyone wants it.

Find out about hemp hearts here: http://www.manitobaharvest.com/


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