For quick lunches and snacks, I slam protein shakes with skim milk. For my mid day meal, I blend up an EAS Myoplex shake and use EAS Whey Protein shakes for my mid morning and mid afternoon shakes. My first meal of the day is some sort of hot oat or wheat cereal to help keep the plumbing working right. When I get tired of the shakes (which is more and more lately), I eat a can of white tuna with just enough mayo to moisten it up along with relish or dill weed, and sometimes horseradish. I’ve learned to get real creative with tuna over the years. I do not eat bread, ever. I use low fat, whole wheat crackers with my tuna. I also keep a few high protein bars around for when I’m on the run. They typically have too much fat, but there are some that aren’t bad and taste pretty good. I’ve been lifting for about 25 years quite religiously and need to consume 200 grams of protein a day (I’m 5’10, 210 pounds and hover around 10% body-fat). I can’t do that without supplementing with shakes. Another thing to do is grill up a bunch of boneless, skinless chicken breasts and take them to work. Spice the crap out them and they aren’t bad with some wild rice. Brown rice is better, but I can’t stand the stuff…. I don’t eat potatoes unless they are yams or sweet potatoes. I don’t eat pasta either. I know that sounds like a dismal diet, but after eating like this for years, one does get used to it and I really appreciate the natural flavor and tastes of different foods that butter, oil and salt hide (including girl scout cookies). I also splurge one night a week and eat whatever the hell I want. It makes that meal soooo much better.