The "home improvement" route is what has started me off into the woodworking hobby. Back in high school, woodshop was probably my favourite course of all, something I always looked forward to...on the flipside, I disliked machine shop so it was only natural that I become a Tool & Die maker and work in a M/C shop for over 20 yrs later on

So, a couple of years ago, I began renovating my home, which is now 17 yrs old, not that old but, needing some updating. I decided to start with some 3/4" hardwood floors throughout the main floor, so I ripped up all the broadloom, bought a Makita belt sander and took out the peaks in the floor and shimmed the lower spots. I had to replace one 4x8 floor section because the patio doors had leaked and rotted the floor area next to them...the sliding doors were replaced with twin garden doors. Next, a 3/8 subfloor was laid down, with a layer of tar paper stapled over top as a vapour barrier and to allow the hardwood to move with temp/humidity changes. The wood I chose is called Acashi, it grows in Africa and has a very rich reddish-brown patina and very intricate grain to is mistakenly referred to as African Walnut, when in fact, it is in the Mahogany family of woods.

Since I was redoing the entire main floor, I figured I'd also repaint the walls and change the crappy 3" baseboards to some 4 1/2" baseboard as well as install some chair rails, wainscot, picture rails ect depending on which room and also add crown moulding throughout the house.

Next, I redid the washrooms and powder room, tearing up the lino and replacing it with ceramics using the concrete board/thinset style of installation, afterwhich I replaced/updated all the faucettes (I still haven't replaced the lighting yet).

In the kitchen, I redid the cabinets in off-white melamine(from natural oak), added a granite backsplash, trimmed the underside of the cabinets and installed puck lighting. The lino floors were redone in ceramics using the concrete board method, this time I cut some of the tiles into quarter sections to create a custom/staggered look, which turned out nicely. I added various transition pieces for the ceramic/hardwood steps, then changed the beautiful builder's 'globe' lights with a 2x4 flourescent in the main kitchen and a light/fan in the breakfast nook.

I've done a few other renos on top of these but, as such, I've accumulated a number of tools to do these projects...Porter Cable compressor, Bostitch floor(cleate) nailer, 12" sliding Craftsman Mitre saw, Ridgid table saw, Makita belt sander, ect. I've also picked up a few tools (when the price was to good to resist) that I will use down the road, perhaps to build a cottage or workshop(Bostitch Framing nailers, F28ww and the Strapshot nailer, bostitch palm nailer and Milwaukee roofing nailer).

So, lately I helped one of my neighbours build an armoire for his sister out in Quebec which he will deliver next week, and it has perked my interest to try making some furniture or something other than doing home reno's. I know I'll need a lot more tools still, I've recently picked up the 13" Ridgid planer and am presently looking to buy a Router and Biscuit Joiner(will need a jointer someday too! and clamps, a band saw, oscillating sander...)

Sorry about the lack of pictures, I need to pick up a decent(but not expensive) digital camera and I'll post some shots if I can(also of the speakers!)

So, I hopefully we can get a thread going here, where people can get/give advice re woodworking or if someone sees a good deal on some equip't they might want to pass along, feel free.
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