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Always lots of ideas for any problem eh? That's one of the things I like about woodworking. The problem solving.

Murph, that's funny, because that's one of the things that I've always enjoyed about woodworking as well.... and likely why my lack of ideas with particular problem was bugging me.

I'm still working on my workshop of late. I'm both excited that I'm getting it into "workable" condition (lots of problem-solving here) and equally frustrated that I have no room to work.

I used my biscuit joiner for the first time yesterday with the small blade for face frames (making cabinets of drawers). The tool doesn't go back in it's molded case with it's current setup, so I left it out when I was done. I must have moved it 8 times yesterday because I have NO freakin' horizontal surfaces to use until I get organized. Yet I can't get organized till I have a place to work!

Business has been quiet lately. I won't mind that at all if I can just make some progress in getting this shop set up!
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