yes, they need some kind of curve on the tops or they look too 'stickish' in there.

Yes, a large block of hardwood would be expensive, unless I had a use for the resulting four smaller squares. I find I always find a use for my scraps eventually.

V cuts could work.

I admit suckage at hand carving or chiseling.

You guys are just full of great ideas, as always.

Err Wait. Peter, I think I now understand that you meant that the solid piece would actually be the entire top piece of wood. Thus not using 4 pieces for the outer frame.

That was actually my first design choice for the hardwood version but I always run into trouble routing inside edges in big pieces of joined pine so I did it this way for the beta. I think I still envisioned having to add dividers after routing out the big center square but I certainly could do it in 4 smaller sections.

It would mean rounded outer corners where the glass sits but i gues that could be corrected afterwards. Except I'm back to my suckage at hand chiseling again.

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