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I believe Axiom really needs to 100% nail down the amplifier issues on their subwoofers before pushing power amplifiers.

I haven't really kept up with the detailed problems with the subwoofers myself but all one needs to do is search through the boards and see the numerous topics relating to subwoofer issues which might give perspective buyers second thoughts about purchasing a multi or two channel Axiom amplifier ... especially whenever it's running over $4,000.

To be quite honest and as much I really like Axiom and trust their product I would have second thoughts myself about purchasing an amp from them for this reason.

Just my .02

I would tend to agree with you here. I'm not big on internet speaker brand electronics (amps,processors,receivers). From a customer perspective from the outside looking in, the history surrounding the reliability and quality control problems of internet brand electronics is stagerring across the board. It does not appeal to me at all. To me it seems the ID model brands try to hit price points with their electronics which are unnatainable (based on the MSRP compared to other competition) in order to compete with some of the bigger and more reliable brands and therefore shortcuts are taken (parts, quality control, r&d, slim budgets). Even Axiom as of late I have noticed a fair number subwoofer problems in the amp section on the EP500 and EP800.

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