Suggestion No. 1: Do Not Make Amplifiers unless that is your love and calling and you have something unique or the ability to make a better amplifier for less money than those for whom amps are their calling.

Suggestion No. 2: Do Not Try to Compete with on-line discount electronics vendors.

Suggestion No. 3: Stick to speakers.

Suggestion No. 4:

Suggestion No. 5: Improve the sound quality of the already wonderful Axiom speakers.

Yes, we all love our Axiom speakers. For me, the reasons are that Axiom speakers give great audio quality for a good price. My favorite Axiom speakers for 2 channel music (2.1) are the M3Tis. These are excellent speakers, at a very good price, but they are not perfect. It has its detractors on this site who correctly point out that these speakers have a 'hump' in their frequency response at about 90-120HZ and a 'hole' at about 8HZ.

So, here is the plot from

Response curve is an average of five measurements:
on-axis, 15 degrees left and right off-axis,
15 degrees up and down off-axis

Now, here is the plot for the Usher Be-718 (Little Dancer)

Here is the plot for the MB Quart Vera VS 1F Loudspeaker:

Anyway, I responded to the Axiom survey and here are some of my thoughts which I thought I would share:

Lower the price of the current line of speakers.
Come out with a premium line with high quality cross-over components.

Come out with a new line of speakers which target the icons in each segment

mini monitor, book shelf speakers (5", 6.5" and 8" driver) like the Usher above, the Harbeths, Spendor SA1, Focal;

This is not to say that the Axiom speakers are not better than many very expensive speakers. Axioms are better than many, but not all.

Why not beat the really great speakers at Axiom price levels? It seems to me that Axiom is the outfit which just might be able to accomplish this.

Just a thought or two.

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