Well, I had that idea a little while ago about making a boombox out of a pair of M3s, a Squeezebox Touch, and a moderately powered amp like this Dayton DTA-100. It might be nice to see a company build an adjustable and attractive frame for such a contraption. Axiom, any chance you'd want to make something to accommodate your line of bookshelf speakers, perhaps allowing people to slide the speakers out a bit, as well as swivel them? The lower part of the center of the unit could house an amp. It could be an amp Axiom builds into the unit, or it could simply be left open to allow for whatever amp the user wants to place there, with some sort of adjustable locking mechanism to hold it in place and centered. The top of the unit would be an adjustable cradle for whatever portable music player/media streamer the user has. The back would have a small power strip to plug in whatever player they're using as well as the amp, with perhaps 1 or 2 extra outlets for flexibility. I'm not sure I have any bright ideas about making it aesthetically appealing, but I'm sure it could be done. Some thoughtful cable management provisions would likely need to be included. Would anyone else besides me be interested in something like this? Am I just weird?