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Suggestion No. 5: Improve the sound quality of the already wonderful Axiom speakers.

Yes, we all love our Axiom speakers. For me, the reasons are that Axiom speakers give great audio quality for a good price. My favorite Axiom speakers for 2 channel music (2.1) are the M3Tis. These are excellent speakers, at a very good price, but they are not perfect. It has its detractors on this site who correctly point out that these speakers have a 'hump' in their frequency response at about 90-120HZ and a 'hole' at about 8HZ.

So, here is the plot from SoundStage.com:

Response curve is an average of five measurements:
on-axis, 15 degrees left and right off-axis,
15 degrees up and down off-axis

It's interesting that one of your favorite Axiom speakers is older and has the hump and dip as your showed. The newer M80's are much flatter, and just as flat (yet more efficient) as the other speakers you posted. I'm wondering if the hump and dip of the older model sounded better to your ears because of where the hump and dip was in the spectrum?

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