Relating to service development--tweaking the automatic email system relating to purchases to not only notify the individual of their purchase order upon completion and when the product is shipping but to also have an automatic processing system in between that updates order status and notify's the invidual when their order has been processed/charged and a "broad" approximation when the order will ship. For standard orders something like "within 5 business days" or for the factory outlet purchases (3-4 weeks). It gives the customer the ability to know their order is being taken care of.


1st email upon purchase - order details, order#, shipping verification, payment verifcation price etc.

2nd email - success that the payment is processed and broad ETA given.

3rd - shipping notification

On a whole other topic does anyone else feel that the main storefront page that you are initially brought to can feel overwhelming and "cluttered" the way the information is presented?

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