I don't have a problem with the aesthetics of Axiom's speakers. I think the wood veneer finishes are beautiful. I love the way the white aluminum with black bullseye contrast with the wood finishes.

However, my concern is that the drivers are screwed into MDF. I am not an engineer, however, the problem seems obvious. When I talk about upgrading, I am not suggesting trading sound quality for looks, I want more sound quality.

I don't know whether a front baffle like the Thiels would make a difference as to edge effects, or whether a time corrected slope to the speaker cabinet and x-over would improve sound quality, or whether an independent "basket" or frame for the drivers would improve SQ, but if they do, I hope Axiom figures a way to improve the sound quality of their already wonderful speakers without a substantial price increase.

Innovation in the service of improvement of the price/benefit balance would be consistent with how I see Axiom.

I know pmb, now an insider, has made it clear that Axiom's ideas for future product do not follow my ideas. OK. I still love my Axiom speakers.

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