The idea of partnerships comes up often enough. I was thinking it would be cool if Axiom got together with an A/V furniture company (or not necessarily A/V-specific, since that might drive up the price) to offer matching TV stands/equipment racks. There should be a way to match the speakers to the equipment shelving without it being TOO MUCH of whatever specific finish you've chosen, and it would also allow for the speakers to be a big part of the design of the shelving. They would need to be somewhat modular considering all of the different speaker possibilities. It would be nice to see TV stands that allow for vertical centers, or the in-cabinet speakers, right out of the gate, no modifications needed. I prefer an open design as opposed to the closed cabinet, personally, but it would still be neat to see. But yeah, right now I have an M22 as my center, and it has to sit out in front of my stand, and my stand isn't wide enough to hold all of my gear without having some of it sit behind the M22. If I get a VP180, I'm going to have to make a different stand to have out in front of my TV stand. Of course, I'll be getting rid of the TV stand when I move my system to the basement, anyway, but for now I keep thinking of how much better it could be with a stand and shelving designed around my speakers.

I'm sure it would just end up being too expensive. Still, something to dream about.