I know I'm the only one interested in the amp discussion right now, but I'll keep talking to myself. Ha ha. I'm thinking that if there was an A1400-4 at the current price of the A1400-2, I'd even be tempted to go for that. Ideally, the A1400-8 would be about $3000 and the A1400-4 would be about $2000. A1400-2 at $1500? I know, I know, the prices they have are prices they arrived at knowing a lot more than I do. I'm simply saying what I'd like to see personally. But yeah, an A1400-4 would be the perfect companion for an A1400-8 for anyone doing 11 channel setups. There'd still be that extra amp channel for people doing dual centers. So yeah, the A1400-4 would do the mains and center(s) and the A1400-8 would take care of the surrounds, rear surrounds, heights, and wides. There, that's my case for an A1400-4.