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As to the subwoofer issues, clearly there have been issues with the EP800, which have been/are being addressed. I don't think it's taken away from the lineup--just ask people who have working EP800s! I have yet to see a post from any of them after receiving revised, working amps, that is negative about the product!

When you test a product in a lab, that's one thing.
When it gets released to the masses in the hundreds, thousands, that is another entirely.
Sheer numbers will find the faults fast and furious.
I tend to avoid purchasing newly minted electronics, more so for those touting new technology or ideas, until they've been through at least one revision.

Axiom will get things right BUT the customers have to be partly patient and put up with the flaws that may exist until fixes are found or you hear many complaints and few kudos once the issues are resolved. Some believe that paying x dollars for anything should equate to buying a "perfectly functioning, without flaws" unit EVERY time.
If that happened, no one would own a car.

"Those who preach the myths of audio are ignorant of truth."