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I'm not arguing that I should have bought that speaker Ken (because I had the choice and didn't), and I'm not saying that I trust their published responses more or less than Axioms. But, that is what they published, and it seems to get good reviews. This is my wish list, and I want an Axiom surround like the QS8 that can go down to at least 60Hz. I'd like to see Axiom try to do this, because I do believe in the company and trust their response curves.

This is a very old topic of conversation. It popped up when people realized that their 90Hz min. surrounds didn't play as low as the recommended 80Hz crossover fearing a huge 'loss' in sound quality (over a whopping 10-15Hz range limited to the surround channels only).

Why would any sound engineer mix a LFE specifically for the surrounds when no surround speaker (aside from a full range speaker which is typically equally limited) can play nearly that low a frequency?
Tracks are mixed knowing a sub would be required for this sound range.

With a non-directional playback of low frequencies, any LFE from the subwoofer should 'sound' like it is coming from a rear/side surround as mixed with cues higher than the LFE.

Making a surround speaker that plays a lower frequency is a moot point. It is a mental roadblock that makes a listener 'believe' without a full range surround they are somehow missing audio information.

"Those who preach the myths of audio are ignorant of truth."