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Unfortunately, getting face time with the folks that make decisions on what is reviewed and then convincing them that you have something new, shiny and fashionable/trendy can be very difficult.

Marketing departments can expend a lot of time and energy on such things, sometimes with disappointing results.

I hadn't really considered that aspect of it. I suppose I assumed the technology and specs in both the Axiom amps and EP800 spoke for themselves. I don't see how people would NOT be interested in getting more in-depth with them. Anyway, as a consumer, it would strike me as odd if a company's products only ever got reviewed by a select few sources, whatever the reasoning behind it. But yeah, I don't envy the marketing department. It has to be stressful trying to get your company's products into the hands of people who will be responsible and even-handed in their assessment, especially in an industry that does so much business based on consumer ignorance.